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PM Weight Loss


Appetite Suppressant

Fit Fats 3

FitFats3 uses “good fats” to help eliminate “bad fats” in the body. FitFats3 provides Omega 3 essential fatty acids that will better facilitate weight loss and health management.


Protein Powder

You’ll love the taste. 15g Protein. 80 Calories. No fillers. Flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla

Protein Bars

Tasty and versatile Bariatrics products are developed by a multidisciplinary team of biochemists, nutritionists and scientists whose mission is to provide healthy, convenient and delicious food.

Pure Sweat Cream

Get the most out of your sweat session. Pure Sweat Cream activates circulation and intensifies for faster results.

Collagen Elixir™
Gift Cards

Gift Cards never expire and can be enjoyed with the time is right. What are you waiting for? Give the gift of a Fit America service!

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